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Preventative Treatments

Dental Education

Regular check-up appointments are a crucial element to the success of your child’s dental care. Nevertheless, the habits your children develop at home are more likely to impact their ability to stay cavity-free. At Davis Pediatric Dentistry, we give a great deal of attention to every check-up appointment with a sufficient amount of dental education to help our patients identify and put an end to possible harmful habits.

Fluoride Treatments

At Davis Pediatrics we use a fluoride varnish. This treatment is meant to stick to the teeth until it is eventually absorbed into the enamel. After the initial examination or check-up appointment, we will apply fluoride to your child’s teeth; this will help maintain enamel in the strongest condition possible. The patient is allowed to eat or drink immediately after fluoride treatments.

Fluoride stimulates strengthening of weak areas on the teeth. When used in small amounts on a regular and daily basis, fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. You can find fluoride in city water, several different foods, and dental products like toothpaste, supplements, varnish, gels, and mouth rinses. Fluoride can be very effective if combined with a healthy diet and a good oral hygiene regimen.


Sealants are a hard, plastic material that protects the grooved and pitted surfaces of teeth, mainly the back teeth where cavities occur most often in children. Sealant applications are easy and quick enough to be completed on an initial or recall visit. First, the tooth is cleaned, and then the sealant is applied onto the grooves of the tooth and finally, hardened with a special curing light. This will need to be done periodically, because sealants are not made to last forever.

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