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Surgical Procedures


At Davis Pediatric Dentistry, we perform both baby tooth extractions as well as extractions of permanent teeth when needed. This includes extractions prior to or during any orthodontic treatment.


Every now and then, the fold of tissue or muscle connecting the lips or the tongue to the jawbone needs removal. When this fold of tissue (frenum) is attached either too high or the gum tissue is between the front teeth (labial frenum) or the frenum under the tongue (lingual frenum) restricts tongue movement and interferes with speech, we perform a procedure called a frenectomy. The condition of limited tongue mobility is called ankyloglossia, commonly known as tongue tie.

Soft Tissue Biopsy

A soft tissue biopsy involves the removal of a microscopic examination of a small sample of soft tissue for diagnostic purposes. Soft tissue biopsies allow the dentist to come to an accurate diagnosis and determine the best treatment for the specific condition. Typically, a soft tissue biopsy is conducted in consultation with an oral pathologist.

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